About Us

Fiable Industry is a certified manufacturer and distributor of surgical instruments.

Fiable Industries– founded in 2008- is a manufacturer and supplier of surgical, medical, beauty and veterinary instruments. Located in Sialkot, Pakistan famous for surgical industries worldwide. We are dedicated to supply high quality surgical products to the surgical world. Everything we manufacture is exactly according to the requirements.

MR.BASHARAT ALI(CEO)-the founder of the Fiable Industries started manufacturing the surgical products for local industries in 1996.In 2007 when he get to know the demand of surgical products is so high worldwide. He decided to start his own company named Fiable Industries in 2008.Now Fiable Industries is a family of professional workers. Purpose-oriented innovation, skilled craftsmanship and tradition, technological competence and measurable quality stand behind every surgical instrument.

Fiable Industries inspect to a 100% physical check so that you can get the high quality products that you required.

We are manufacturer and exporter of General Surgical, Single Use, Dental Surgical, Beauty products and Veterinary products based in Sialkot, Pakistan.